Osteoporosis Prevention Exercises That Makes Your Bones Long-Lasting

Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a situation in which bones get weaker and can break easily. Strong, healthy and new bones consist of specific minerals that stay bones strong and fit. The quantity of mineral which exists in bones is known as Bone Mineral Density.

If this mineral does not exist in our bone as per requirement, bones get weaker, unhealthy, and easily break. The bones can rebuilt again, but this process gets more fragile as age increases due to less bone mineral density.

At the age of 20s, our bones have a high amount of BMD and get lesser as age increases. When bones have no enough amount of BMD, it will lead to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a well-known cause of fractures in older people worldwide, mostly in women. It is commonly found in older women, women after menopause and pregnancy.

Is Exercise Prevents Osteoporosis?

Exercise is helpful, that protects our health and also keeps away our body from diseases and damages.

Regular exercises walking, running, cycling, machine exercises like treadmill, dancing, cardio are great exercises for bones and make bones stronger. Children and adults should do these exercises for stronger bones, maintain muscle mass, and make their bones long-lasting for older ages.

Menopause is a situation that occurs in women after their period cycle stop. This problem leads women to weaker bones, but the solution to this problem is to exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes a day.

People above 60 years and do exercises regularly have less risk of bone damage and less BMD. They can also maintain their muscles mass for a longer time. Many osteoporosis prevention exercises are great for strong bones.

More exercise means more BMD, and more BMD means protecting you from osteoporosis and keeping your bones safe. Exercise is good for the prevention of osteoporosis and also help in treating osteoporosis.

If you are an osteoporosis consumer and your age is above 45, you should take a doctor help to design an exercise plan for you. Because before 40, all exercise benefits, but exercises can be risky after the age of 40, as all exercises are not fit for your age. So take advice from the doctor about your exercise plan.

Bone Exercises

Which Kinds Of Exercise Can Treat Osteoporosis?

There are various types of osteoporosis prevention exercises which are as follow:

  • Regular exercise, also named weight-bearing exercise
  • Strength exercise, also termed resistance exercise
  • Balance exercise

Exercise like cycling and swimming can help improve your fitness or maintain body strength, but it’s not too helpful in protecting osteoporosis as it is a regular exercise. If you don’t do any other regular exercise like walking, running, jogging with swimming and cycling, you should add some other weight-bearing exercise like running, walking and more.

1.     Regular Exercise (Weight-Bearing Exercises)

Regular exercises are exercises in which you connect your feet or with the help of your bones. They include dancing, running, walking, jumping, which improves your bone density and keep your bones powerful.

If you want to protect yourself from osteoporosis, you should do regular exercise, as I mentioned above, at least for 45 to 60 minutes 3 times per week to keep your bone strength high.

2.     Resistance Exercises

Resistance exercise or training includes weights and other exercise equipment. Additionally many other weight machines used for weight lifting. Many programs are available now for resistance exercise and some other resistance exercise involving your bodyweight like pushups, plank, etc.

Resistance training is beneficial for improving your bones healthy and maintains your muscle mass, too. As your body progresses, your level increases; research shows that resistance exercise is the most beneficial type of exercise for preventing bones from damage, lower BMD, and other bone problems. It would help if you did resistance exercise 2 to 3 times a week, especially for women going through menopause.

Resistance exercise is great for increasing the amount of BMD in both men and women and helps maintain and have the muscle mass that protects you from injuries and damages.

But the people who are above 40 should concern with a doctor for starting up resistance exercise.

3.     Balance Exercises

Balance exercise is vital for your bones. Balance of your bones and body is essential for your healthy and stable body. It also protects to in case of any fall or injury. Balancing exercise includes one leg balance, high knee, leg raises. Yoga is best for balancing training.

If you find resistance exercise hard, you can start with balanced movement, and then you feel that you can do it with weight move forward to the next level.

Weight Lifting Exercises For Strong Bones

Is Regular And Resistance Training Suitable For All?

Osteoporosis prevention is vital for a better future. Exercises are great for protecting your bones density and keep bones healthy. If you do exercise from an early age, you don’t have to bear any severe problem regarding your body, including bones. After 40, it will protect your bones, keep your bones active, and protect you from low BDM. If you exercise regularly, you will live longer with better health.

But precautions are essential; don’t force your body with any exercise. Do it according to your level; if you have any pain that is not normal, go to the doctor and share your exercise routine.


Few things are significant before you start to osteoporosis prevention exercises. If you have any medical condition, you should ask the doctor about exercises you have to do; it can cause bone damage and pain too.

Regular exercise or resistance exercises are suitable for all, but if you don’t know how to start with, do low-intensity exercises like running walking. If you feel you can do more, then move forward to high-intensity exercises or select 3 days for regular exercise and 2 days for resistance exercise. You have to include prebiotics in your diet to reduce inflammation and increase bone strength.

You take help from Shelly’s Bone Density Solution or go to the gym for a professional trainer. But if you have some issues talk to your doctor.

Thank you… stay safe… stay healthy…